Evolution of an Anvil

Like our logo? Our distinctive Flying Anvil is the result of a lot of brainstorming and the incredible talents of two very generous people.

First, Jim Owens helped us take a vague idea and make it concrete. He gave us our training wings and we will forever be grateful. Jim is a full-time artist who does cool retro paintings and he’s also a damn fine actor. Check out his fabulous work at jamesowensstudio.com.

Next, we stumbled onto Tarrer Pace, a professional artist in Knoxvillewho does motion, print and web graphics. She took our vision and refined it – creating something sleek and eye-catching, all while juggling tons of local work for television and advertising clients.  You can find her on linkedin and facebook.

We’re thrilled with the results and so grateful for the contributions from both these wonderful artists.

Both Jim and Tarrer donated their talents because they love the arts and got behind our plan to produce kick ass theatre in Knoxville.  We’ re hoping to return the favor, and feature their work in future blogs and in our lobby!

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