Paddled by our Board

It took us forever to form a Board of Directors. We dawdled around, juggling lists of names. What if no one wanted to be on our Board? What if we had to motivate them, as well as ourselves?

Another lesson learned.  Often, the thing you most resist is the very thing you need to propel you forward. Because let me tell you, our FAT Board is kicking ass and taking names and moving us into high gear! We were thrilled to get such a committed, knowledgeable group of people to hold our feet to the fire.

First, they’re passionate about our vision of creating unexpected, provocative and entertaining theatre that is locally sourced.  They want us to have a permanent home and a killer year round season. They even signed on for fund-raising to make that happen.

Suddenly, a lot is happening and fast.  There are 7:30 AM meetings at Starbucks to plan a retreat and go over contracts for THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK MUSICAL. (Coming in February!) There are location scouting outings, committee meetings, endless email discussions – all instigated by our wonderful partners in crime on the Board. We are taking our mission seriously and seeing tangible results. Exciting stuff.

In short, our Board is the best thing that could happen to us.  And we’re so very grateful.

But guys, about those 7:30 AM meetings……

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One comment on “Paddled by our Board
  1. Staci says:

    Maybe you’ll feel better about those early meetings after we “fall back” an hour this evening and you get a few extra Zzzzz’z!

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