Talk about Groundhog’s Day!


On Friday, February 1st, I posted about a friend of mine, Candi, who felt that the only holiday truly worth celebrating was Groundhog’s Day. Today, when I went to take another quick look at it – POOF – it had disappeared.

What the what?!

So now I’m writing a post – (again) – about that damn Groundhog (again) and my friend Candi (a second time, for crying out loud!) Candi and I were kids together in Mount Vernon, Washington, and I remember she’d hand draw circles with chubby little ground hog faces and pin these “buttons” to her coat, to my coat, and to the coat of anyone else willing to sing the praises of a fat, furry rodent. I don’t think I had ever seen a real groundhog, not that it mattered. It would be years before the movie starring Bill Murray would become a short hand phrase for daily déjà-vu.

What is what I just had. That feeling that I’ve been here before. I think.  But maybe not.   Did I mention that a number of actors braved the snowy weather and auditioned for us this weekend? That we will shortly be announcing a cast for the reading of “The Feeble-Mindedness of Woman” that will be taking place on March 15? 

Did I mention that my friend Candi Horton Smucker was one of a group of 1,000 women nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize? She’s worked for the Mennonite Church’s fair-trade movement, which is committed to providing fair wages and employment opportunities to economically disadvantaged artisans and farmers worldwide.

Did I mention that Punksatony Phil said it’s going to be an early spring this year?

If so, forgive me.  Those Groundhogs, man, they’re crazy little rascals weaving their own brand of black magic.  They got me under their spell.

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