Theatre for Dogs

 cash This is my dog, Cash. He’s waiting for a rawhide chewie and he was so excited, it took three tries to   get  a photo that wasn’t a furry blur.  Cash is a perfect picture of attention – totally focused on getting that treat.


  This other photosweeney is Sweeney McBean.  He loves treats too, but he’s a little less  picky than Cash. Take carrots. Sweeney loves them, Cash rolls them around  in his mouth hopefully, then spits them out. Same with broccoli. No  vegetables for him, thank you very much.

    So I was holding rawhide treats and basking in the laser-like attention of my  canine companions when it hit me. This is the kind of audience reaction we want for Flying Anvil Theatre! We want to do shows so tasty and tempting that audiences are on the edge of their seats, begging us for more.  Shows like THE FEEBLE-MINDEDNESS OF WOMAN – combining humor with pointed commentary about lingering issues of sexism in our culture.  Shows like FORBIDDEN KNOXVILLE GOES PSYCHO -a completely irreverent and outrageous take on this place we call home. And there are so many others. They won’t all be to your taste…..some are rawhide chewies and others, crunchy carrots. But we want to offer you a mix of tantalizing treats, hoping you’ll try something out of your comfort zone and discover you like broccoli after all.

I fret over everything I feed my dogs.  I read labels and stay away from fillers, artificial colors and anything mass produced in China. I’m picky for my dogs. Ditto for our audiences. I want to earn your respect. We don’t want your polite applause or a dutiful standing ovation just because, hey, that didn’t suck too much!  It’s okay to be picky and demand the good stuff from us.

For my part, I promise to treat you like I treat my dogs – lavishing you with affection, inviting you to play often and worrying about you when you’re out of sight too long. 

Come see one of our shows. We’ll set your tail wagging!





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