20 F.A.T. Questions with Steve Drevik

For this blog post, we’ve asked Steve Drevik our 20 Random Questions.

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Steve is President of our Board. It’s a position of great dignity and responsibilities – such as mopping floors, reading with auditioning actresses, installing insulation and bartending.  In addition to these glamorous jobs, he also keeps our monthly meetings on track, does curtain speeches at our shows and generally guides us with great calm, intelligence and professionalism. He (and wife Lee Ann Rogers) have gone the extra mile countless times and we are so lucky and grateful to have him!

1. My nickname: “Drevik” My friends are not very creative.

2. I am most proud of: My family and friends. I’m blessed to have  good ones.

3. Weirdest job I ever had: While working for a company making early  video servers,  I   had to help troubleshoot a problem with the display  of the video by watching movies over and over again with a stopwatch and recording the time when the video went bad. Unfortunately, the only videos they had encoded into digital format at that time were adult movies loaded on the server (a hotel video server system). So I had to watch the same adult flick over and over again, perhaps 20 times, with a stopwatch and my eyes glued to the monitor. Not as fun as it might sound to some. Not at all. Definitely the strangest.

4. What I like about my career: The freedom to make the right calls for my customers and employees.

5.  What I hate about my career: The freedom to make the wrong calls.

6. Dream travel destination: Vietnam. The people there are  increadibly friendly, and I like “off the beaten track”

7. If money were no object I would: Travel, and help small organizations get started.

8: My pets: Two cats, one dog (terrier)

9: I have never: Ridden a camel.

10: My idea of a good meal is: Anything edible, with good company.

11: Friends say I am: A little high strung sometimes?

12: Best movie of all time: Tough one. Big Fish with Al Finney is  a hidden classic to me.

13: Most influential person in my life: My parents (both of them, in different ways)

14: Secret talent: Singing “Boy Named Sue” at kareoke bars after several drinks.

15: The way I feel about my cell phone: Essential.

16: The talent I wish I had: Play piano.

17: Best thing I ever did: Read everything Kurt Vonnegut ever wrote.

18: What I like about theatre: People can be something outside of their normal selves.

19: The reason I live in Knoxville: Not too big, not too small, beautiful climate.

20: The reason I am on the Board of Flying Anvil Theatre: To give back to my community. I took a stab at local politics, but I decided  helping organizations like Flying Anvil is a much more effective way for me to contribute.


Thanks, Steve! And I look forward to hearing your rendition of A Boy Named Sue at the next FAT party!

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3 comments on “20 F.A.T. Questions with Steve Drevik
  1. chris brown says:

    Good work Steve. FAT only does women’s shows, or Jane reads with men auditioning?

    • Jayne says:

      Chris, We pressed Steve into service as a reader when we were shy a man at one point in auditions. Sometimes we have more women than me auditioning. Bur we do shows with men, women., animals, vegetables amd minerals!

  2. David Dwyer says:

    Woah, Steve. Two cats and only one dog? Too much Ying, not enough Yang.

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