The curse is lifted….

computer curseHonestly, I thought I might be one of those people whose energy field screws up electronics. Or that the computer gods hated me. Or that gremlins had infiltrated my computer.

For the past year and a half, I have had nearly constant trouble logging on to our website, been unable to get email from you and just generally found EVERYTHING about our cyber presence to be daunting and difficult and damn near impossible. Those of you who have ever sweated over a website might sympathize….those who are far more web savvy than I will probably think I’m a total ditz. I plead the Fifth.

But I have FINALLY fixed all the glitches here that have kept me from being able to log on to various administrative functions and other difficulties that had me using the King’s English creatively and profanely and loudly. There may have been teeth gnashing and hair pulling.  Maybe even some near computer throwing.

But all is now well! And I did it my own self, by starting over virtually from scratch and simplifying some functions and updating others. It’s amazing the guidance you can find on You Tube!   We’re not as fancy, but we are more useful and updateable.

I apologize for any difficulty you’ve had reaching me or finding the info you need here. From now on, I will be able to reply to your emails in a timely manner and update you frequently on our doings.

Thanks for hanging in there with us. 




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