Meet Barbara Nicodemus


 Barbara is a member of our Board of Directors and an absolute treasure! Hard working, creative and far-sighted, she has been an long-time advocate for arts of all   kinds in Knoxville, perhaps because both her sons, Forest and Taylor, were active in music and theatre as youngsters. After being active with the League of Women Voters, the Central High Foundation, as well as many other organizations, she’s recently added writing to her own list of accomplishments. She and her husband, Randy are both recently retired and have been traveling she country. She is truly indispenable to FAT and we feel lucky to have her wisdom and support! Here are Barbara’s responses to our FAT Questionnaire.

1. My nickname: Babs

2. I am most proud of: Helping to implement Newborn Hearing Screening throughout Tennessee

3. Weirdest job I ever had: Dipping bananas in chocolate at the New Orleans Open Golf Tournament

4. What I like about my retirement: Freedom to travel

5. What I hate about my career/retirement: I never hated anything about my career or retirement

6. Dream travel destination: Greece

7. If money were no object I would: Build Flying Anvil a Theatre

8: My pets: Miniature Dachshund – Lucy

9: I have never: Sky Dived

10: My idea of a good meal is: Pinto Beans and Cornbread

11: Friends say I am: Open and Friendly

12: Best movie of all time: Out of Africa

13: Most influential person in my life: My Mother

14: Secret talent: Playing Jacks 1

5: The way I feel about my cell phone: Connected

16: The talent I wish I had: Ability to learn foreign languages easily

17: Best thing I ever did: Marry my husband Randy

18: What I like about theatre: Living Art

19: The reason I live in Knoxville: Close to the Mountains, Four Seasons, My Friends

20: The reason I am on the Board of Flying Anvil Theatre: The Hope of kick ass theatre in Knoxville

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