So….what have we been up to?

You’ve asked – and we appreciate your interest!

First (and always) – we are looking for a producing space. There have been several promising places that we are still investigating.  For some, money is the issue, with others it’s availability – but we feel confident that sooner or later, something will open up for us. We think Knoxville needs the kind of theatre we do…..and we’re flexible, creative and determined.  So hang in there with us!

Second – we’re continuing our Actor’s Happy Hours.  We welcome actors, directors, designers, techies, teachers, producers, writers, agents, film makers and theatre lovers of all types.  Come celebrate local theatre with us every month and socialize with some of the most creative people in town.  The past two events have been great fun and well-attended.  We want you there as well!

Keeping the faith….



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