Our Mission

girl with a sledgehammerMISSION

We believe in the power of compelling stories told with the visceral impact of theatre to touch hearts, minds and souls.

FLYING ANVIL THEATRE’s mission has two wings.

The first presents audacious and provocative professional theatre that features the work of top-notch actors, playwrights, directors and designers. Flying Anvil Theatre is the incendiary Of-Broadway complement to Knoxville’s Broadway, the Clarence Brown Theatre. We also offer professional level training for adults and children.

Flying Anvil Theatre’s second wing, the Hammer Ensemble, uplifts and connects the community by telling the stories of underserved populations, highlighting social issues and training a diverse and dynamic ensemble of new performers.


Our long-term goals are to provide consistently excellent and daring work not ordinarily seen in Knoxville and to provide high-quality creative and economic opportunities for theatre artists both on stage and behind the scenes. The Hammer Ensemble outreach will engage audiences in a conversation about issues important to the wider community. Each wing will use the alchemy of live theatre to unite an audience of individuals into a community of shared emotions and ideas. It is our goal to develop a national reputation for first rate, adventurous theatre.

Flying Anvil Theatre presents shows and teaches classes in a beautiful building located in the Rocky Hill neighborhood.  You can support us by coming to a show, giving a tax-deductible donation, volunteering, telling your friends, sharing about us on social media.

The Flying Anvil can’t achieve lift-off without YOU! Help us SOAR!