Macon, Georgia

Mortiz from Spring Awakening

Salt & Pepper by José Cruz González

Dream Role

Favorite Show

Chris has been around theatre his entire life. As the son of a theatre teacher, he was in his first play at age 12 and has been professionally acting, designing, directing, managing and teaching theatre ever since then. A certified theatre teacher, Chris found his passion for Theatre for Young Audiences in college (Columbus State University), and that passion brought him to Lexington Children’s Theatre, Omaha Theatre Company for Young People, and Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre. From 2016-2019, he taught drama to grades PreK through 5 at Vineville Academy of the Arts in Macon Georgia, and also created an after school drama program that performed fully produced musicals on a yearly basis. He is a continued invited guest artist at the Georgia Junior Thespian Conference and with Theatre Macon.


Quarantine Q's




Local Business you can't wait to get back to?

Does coffee count?

So Far: Season 3 of Ozark

John Krasinski is killing it with Some Good News right now!

Literally ANY brewery! I love our local beer makers.

What's your secret to Quarantine Sanity?

I've been going outside a lot! We're lucky to have a pretty nice backyard, so my wife and I have spent lots of time out there. My secret is definitely to do whatever you can to get some fresh air- even opening a window if you can't safely get out of your living arrangements... get that Vitamin C, y'all!