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The Deadline, by Jayne Morgan

The Blair Witch Project meets War of the Worlds on Zoom! This will most likely be pre-taped and streamed, rather than performed live.  Show dates are October 22nd-November 1st. Must be available in throughout the month for rehearsals and potential filming. Film Production is TBD, but will likely be October 14-18. Filming will be either from your home or following strict socially distant guidelines. 

Roles available: (All roles are available and may be played by any gender/race)

  • DILLON – 40’s. The Boss. Caring, harried and emotional. Hates what the job is asking of him/her/them.

  • HEIDI -20’S  The Intern.  Very enthusiastic and ambitious.  Trying to make a good impression, but don’t cross her/him/them.

  • ANGELA – The Creative Director 30’s – 40’s.  Life has been a little too hard lately. She/He/They are over it.

  • JERRY – The Account Executive 40’s – 50’s. MALE. A pain in the butt who makes inappropriate jokes.

  • PAUL – Junior Creative type. 30’s.  Doesn’t participate in office politics.

  • TAMELA – Accountant, late 20’S to 30’s.  Having trouble in her/his/their marriage.*

  • JACK – Late 20’s to 30’s.  Tamela’s spouse. *


*Due to social distancing, it would be best if Tamela and Jack were played by an actual cohabiting couple.  Please let us know and audition together.

All roles are paid. 

TO AUDITION: Send a current headshot (cell phone photo is fine) and resume to


We will contact you with sides and audition times if you fit a part. 

We're looking forward to seeing you!

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