With organizational changes at the theatre, we recognized the need to make some updates to our 2022 season. Please find our new and rescheduled shows below, and we can't wait to see you at the theatre!

22 Jake.png

We have labels that tell us what is inside a box of cereal, but what effect do labels have on people?

Peak into the world of Alex and Greg as they struggle with the choice of “labeling” their 4 year old child as they seek to enroll him into a competitive kindergarten program. Jake happens to prefer Cinderella to G.I. Joe, and as the process continues, his behavior becomes erratic and perplexing.

Rated PG-13. Strong language, complex themes.


Easy to be considered just another "raunchy puppet musical" this 2004 Tony Award winner helps us see that the real-world isn't want Sesame Street made it out to be.

When Princeton moves to the big city, he learns some real life lessons from his new puppet friends, and we get to see community forming right in front of our human faces.

Funny and risqué, this heartwarming broadway hit is sure to make you feel special!

Rated R. Strong language, sexual situations, full puppet nudity.

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Who 22.png

A wildly funny and heartfelt adults-only comedy that tells the story of Cindy Lou Who as she recalls that Christmas Eve she first met the Grinch and the twisted turn of events her life has now taken.

You saw her last when she was just two
Celebrate the holidays with Cindy Lou Who
Pull up a seat and fill up your cup
‘Cause your favorite little Who is all grown up

Rated R. Strong language