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A May Return?

Brand new guidance from the CDC says that if you've received a full dose of the COVID vaccine, and are with others who are fully vaccinated, you can visit ... wait for it... WITHOUT A MASK! This, coupled with recent news that we will have enough vaccine produced for every American adult in May sends clear signals that we are on our way back to live entertainment. Of course, we're not out of the water yet, epidemiologists seem -cautiously- optimistic, and there are many more hoops for us as a nation, state, and locality to jump through before we're ready for life as we knew it. (You know... like it 2019!) Until then, keep checking up with us for the latest news on when we can return to the theatre. We've got our eyes and ears open for more information as it heads our way!

Hi there!


Welcome to your portal to all the news from Flying Anvil! You’re here because you are very special to us. We appreciate the fact that you value diverse stories told in interesting ways and support our productions with your donations. We can’t say it enough.


So what do we have in store for you this year? We’re calling it the Three Part Adjustable Plan – or TPAP, for short. Actually, no one calls it that. I just like acronyms.

The first part of the plan is simple – a spring sequel to last year’s virtual comedy Branching Out called Tiny Houses. Change is once again coming to the bickering siblings and no one is handling it well. Look for this coming to your computer/TV by May.

After that – we’re moving, carefully and slowly, into hybrid shows that can be offered both virtually and with limited seating in the theatre. Of course, that will depend on things like vaccine availability and lowered rates of infection. This is the adaptable part. If necessary, we’ll pivot to virtual shows for two more original works: the as-yet-untitled Knoxville Covid Story Project and SuffRAGE: To Give Voice. Both look at historically important moments in our shared history.

Part Three of TPAP is full of big, ambitious shows and a return to producing full time in the theatre, which we’re hopeful can happen in late summer or fall. Expect a spooky revamp of the beloved Appalachian tale, Dark of The Moon and some inspired silliness for the holidays with a revival of The Big F.A.T. Holiday Cabaret. If we're lucky we might be able to throw one more show in for good measure!

None of this would be possible without the incredible generosity and kindness of so many of you. It’s been a hard year for everyone, with a bit more challenge to come. But we’ll be back and can’t wait to party with you at our next opening night gala!

Thanks for being a G.F.O.F.A. – Great Friend of Flying Anvil!

Bureaucracy, Bureaucracy....


Time sure moves slow when it's paper moving across the government's desk. We waiting on information on how to apply for a Shuttered Venue Operators Grant. This is a brand new program made specifically for businesses like ours- so once they roll it out, we'll be applying right away!

Our First Update


Wow...2020 is FINALLY OVER! But now we need your help to make sure we make it through 2021 and beyond. Check back here regularly for more updates as we find all the bits of hope we left scattered around after last year!

2021 Projects

Flying Anvil Theatre is kicking off an ambitious project to talk to Knoxvillians about their experiences with the pandemic. We’ll seek out frontline healthcare workers, essential workers of all kinds, teachers, parents, business owners, those who have lost their jobs – people from all walks of life.  We’ll weave their stories into a theatre piece highlighting our struggles and triumphs as a community. Expect a moving, funny, upsetting, hopeful, and most of all HONEST show.

Knoxville Covid Story Project

A cherished memory for many who saw it at Hunter Hills Theatre, we’re excited to present this fever dream of a mountain tale. Our space will be transformed into a magical, spooky dreamscape as we re-imagine this hauntingly mythic story with music.

Mature and disturbing themes.


of the


Think politics today is rough? Travel back 100 years in SuffRAGE: To Give Voice, by Jeannette Brown and Linda Parsons, as Tennessee becomes the “last stand” in the ratification process for the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote after nearly a century of struggle. Nashville in August 1920 was a beehive of suffragists, opponents, reporters, and lobbyists streaming in from across the country. 

SuffRAGE: To Give Voice

A gleeful bunch of elves will share their favorite holiday music and comedy in this revival of a Flying Anvil favorite! Expect big hilarity and a little local satire as we celebrate the season.

The Big F.A.T. Holiday Cabaret

Other News

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We're launching a public donation campaign in a few weeks that will focus on supporting Flying Anvil for the time between now and and when we can safely produce again. We're working on the final details, but hope to secure a matching gift from a special donor. 

Until then, If you'd like to give a head start to that campaign before it goes public, you can use the donation form below, and type "Bridge the Gap" in the comments section- we'll know what it means, and will be able to start the already heading towards our goal!